Our Industrial Relations (IR) Department is located at Forest Lodge and provides specialist IR services and advice in managing employment related matters. A summary of all our services are set out below.

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If you would like further information or advice please contact MBA Industrial Relations on 02 8586 3523 or email: industrial@mbansw.asn.au

Professional Advice and Representation

The IR Department daily provides telephone advice, attends meetings on behalf of individual members or represents the Industry / Association on a range of employment relations issues to State and Federal Government Departments, Committees, Unions and other industry participants.

Industrial Relations Compliance Audits

This service is provided as a risk management tool to ensure that employers are meeting their statutory employment obligations. Also, principal contractors may seek to have their sub-contractors audited at any time by the IR Department to improve their performance, reliability and competitiveness.

National Code of Practice Assessments

This service is provided either on a one-off basis or site wide as required by a principal contractor.  The code assessment examines an employer's industrial instrument, employment arrangements and on-site behaviour to ensure compliance with the Building Code 2016 and eligibility to work on federally funded projects.

Independent Contractor Assessment

This service is a risk management tool.  The member is provided with a short questionnaire regarding the nature of the engagement of any person.  The responses are used to determine the status of the person as either an employee or sub-contractor.  Based on the outcome the member is then advised on how best to deal with PAYG Taxation, Workers Compensation, Superannuation and Minimum Payments to the person.

Enterprise Agreement Making

The IR Department provides advice, drafting and lodgement of enterprise agreements.  There is an increased reliance on enterprise agreements arising from Federal workplace relations legislation. 

Dispute Handling

The IR Department regularly represents employers in industrial disputes and claims.  This representation is provided during conciliation of employment matters with unions, solicitors or Government Departments as well as conciliation and arbitration before relevant industrial tribunals.  Such disputes / claims also involve unfair and unlawful dismissals, redundancies, wage claims etc.

Briefings and Training

The IR Department provides briefings and training for the industry, specific sectors of the industry or on an in-house basis for employers on a range of topical employment relations issues.  In addition, the IR Department attends MBA Divisional Meetings to brief members when necessary or requested.

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