Master Builders technical department is run by licensed builders who have real life experience and understand the difficulties faced onsite. Our specialist knowledge will help to ensure your jobs run smoothly. We'll help clarify the grey areas in construction and minimise costly non-compliances.

Our technical department assists members in a range of issues including:

National Construction Code (NCC)

The NCC is Australia’s primary set of technical design and construction provisions for buildings. Our experts are on hand to give advice on any volume of the NCC. Getting a second opinion or asking the question to ensure you are complying with the NCC will ensure your jobs flow and you don’t get caught up rectifying costly non-compliances.

Australian Standards

Australian standards are often referenced by building designers, private certifiers and the Construction code. We have access to all NCC referenced Australian standards. If they have been called up on a project, we can help you with interpreting them and how they are applied to your project.  

Non-compliant building products

If you have concerns around a building product that has been specified or are unsure if the product is compliant, we can do the research to help determine whether it is suitable for your job.

Local council regulations

Master Builders NSW is constantly keeping abreast of changes to legislation and regulation from a national level and following the trickle-down effects to local government. Our technical department can assist members in decoding and understanding changes to regulation as well as guide you through the murky waters of ever-changing rules and regulations. 

Standards and Tolerances

The expectations around a finished product can sometimes differ from the perspectives of parties involved in the construction process. The NSW Guide to Standards and Tolerances helps users understand if the building element has been installed or constructed to an acceptable standard. We can provide guidance and information from this document to help support members in the completion and handover of jobs. 

If you have technical enquiries, fill out the form below and let us do the research on your behalf. Enjoy peace of mind knowing MBA's industry experts are working together with you.

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