MBA guide to the Fair Work Act changes

The Briefing will cover significant changes to workplace legislation brought about by the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Bill. Important matters to be aware of include relevant amendments that cover:


  • The abolition of the Australian Building and Construction Commission and the Registered Organisations Commission;

  • The establishment of the National Construction Industry Forum

  • Alterations to the enterprise agreement approval process and the ‘better off overall test’

  • Termination of enterprise agreements after the nominal expiry date has been reached

  • Sunsetting of ‘zombie’ agreements

  • New laws regarding the initiation of enterprise bargaining

  • Dealing with errors in enterprise agreements

  • The introduction of new streams of multi-enterprise bargaining

  • Bargaining disputes and industrial action

  • Changes to the way the Fair Work Commission carries out its functions

  • Equal remuneration

  • Prohibitions on pay secrecy

  • Anti-discrimination

  • Prohibiting sexual harassment in connection with work

  • New expert panels in the Fair Work Commission

  • Flexible work and unpaid parental leave requests

  • Alterations to the small claims process

  • Restrictions on fixed-term contracts

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Thursday - 02 Mar 2023


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Thursday - 09 Mar 2023


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Thursday - 16 Mar 2023


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