Right of Entry Training

Given the recent developments concerning the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) MBA NSW will be running Right of Entry training. 

The sessions will last one hour and will cover contractors’ rights and obligations of in relation to Right of Entry.

Specifically, the course will cover.

  • What is right of entry?
  • Who can enter a workplace?
  • What rights can be exercised on the premise by an organisation official?
  • What records can be accessed?
  • Can an organisation official hold discussions with employees at the workplace?
  • What can permit holders and employers not do?
  • What can be done if there are right of entry contraventions?

Date: Monday, 29 August 2022
Time: 10:30am
Venue: Master Builders NSW, 52 Parramatta Rd Forest Lodge NSW 2037

Date: Thursday, 8 September 2022
Time: 11:00am
Venue: Master Builders NSW, 5 165 Lambton Rd, Broadmeadow NSW 2292

Date: Friday, 21 October 2022
Time: 10:00am
Venue: Master Builders NSW, 66 Auburn St Wollongong NSW 2500


Unfair Dismissal

MBA NSW is now offering training for employers on The Dos and Don’ts of Unfair Dismissal.
Most employers in will have to deal with an unfair dismissal claim in one way or another.  Unfair dismissal is one of the most common types of workplace litigation in Australia.
Unfair dismissal is a widely understood action to take against an employer and popular among employees.  The costs of lodgement is low and there is very little danger of an unsuccessful employee having to pay for an employer’s legal costs if the claim fails.
The risks to employers from unfair dismissal claims however are substantial, the Fair Work Commission may order re-instatement of the employee to their position and/or monetary compensation up to 26 week's pay (capped at $81,000).
The good news is that there are steps employers can do to help shield themselves against an unfair dismissal claim, and there are many viable strategies to deal with a claim once made.
MBA NSW is offering a one-hour course in the basics of Unfair Dismissals; the course will cover.

  • What is unfair dismissal
  • How to best avoid it
  • What to do if a claim is made

Time: 10am
Date: Thursday, 15 September 2022


If you or someone from your organisation are interested in attending, send filled in registration form to industrial@mbansw.asn.au

All courses are held onsite at 52 Parramatta Road, Forest Lodge NSW.

Sessions cost: $132/person incl GST - Member price including materials