Master Builders Legal will have responsibility for administering and monitoring the Master Builders Strata Inspection Panel. This will include:

  • management of the application process,
  • management of the Renewal Application process,
  • the handling of the complaints,
  • maintaining complaints handling data,
  • maintaining a register of complaints,
  • reviewing the complaints handling process periodically to enhance its delivery of efficient and effective outcomes, 
  • monitoring imposed disciplinary measures and sanctions, 
  • be responsible for notifying the Secretary, NSW Fair Trading of:
    • complaints made against a member of the strata inspector panel, and
    • disciplinary action or sanctions taken against a member of the Strata Inspection Panel.
  • monitoring members compliance with the:

a. Terms and Conditions,
b. Code of Ethics and Fair Business Practice,
c. SIP Code of Conduct, and
d. Secretary’s Guidelines.

This can include:

  • conducting formal or informal audits, or 
  • if there is a suspected breach, the Master Builders may decide to investigate in accordance with the process outlined under COMPLAINT AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCESS.”