There are more women employed in the construction industry now than ever before. The industry is booming, and women want in on the action. How do you start a career in construction? For many women it begins with Master Builders Education and Skills.  

There are many diverse career opportunities in the industry including:

  • Starting your own business
  • Moving up the corporate ladder
  • Taking over a family business
  • Working on large government projects
  • Providing maintenance and building services to the community
  • Engineering and architecture

A Master Builders Diploma of Project Management could be the starting point for your chosen construction career. In 2020-2021, five times the regular number of females enrolled in Master Builders NSW training programs. We are leading the way in helping women start a successful career in the building industry.  

“In our online classes, I notice the skills our female students have in many areas, particularly in project management and stakeholder management roles.” says Master Builders NSW trainer and assessor, Richard Landsdowne. “Some of their strengths are displayed in discussing concerns, resolving issues and removing roadblocks and obstacles effectively.”  

Michelle Stack is a recent Master Builders NSW Diploma of Project Management graduate. A job offer as the Information Systems and Change Manager with Sydney-based Mono Constructions shifted her career into the construction industry. Previously working in IT, Mono Constructions saw her potential immediately. The Master Builders Diploma of Project Management gave Michelle the edge she needed to build her knowledge in construction. “I learnt skills specific to the industry. They complimented my existing business and information technology qualifications,” says Michelle. “Every day I learn something new in the construction industry. This diploma has helped me to better support the project management activities in our organisation.”  

“The course exceeded my expectations,” says Michelle. “Online delivery was great. I squeezed study around work and life. The course contained all expected Project Management content plus very comprehensive construction industry-specific material.” This sets Master Builders apart from other providers. Master Builders has the industry experience and expertise delivered in a concise online format.  

“Do it!” is Michelle’s advice. “You need to be in construction to do this course. You use two of your mid-rise construction projects for your assignments. If your organisation is using existing PM processes, the course will provide an excellent rounding out of your skills and you can definitely get through it within the 12 months. If you don’t already have good PM documentation and processes, it helps you build them out and get qualified at the same time. Be prepared to do the work though!”

The Master Builders BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management online qualification is perfect for potential Construction Project Managers and Project Builders. You will learn to manage all aspects of construction projects including leading teams, scope and changes, human resources, planning, stakeholders, and more! Project Managers are in high demand and have career opportunities in:

  • Residential building projects
  • Commercial construction
  • Fitouts, refurbishments and maintenance
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Property development projects
  • Landmark Government projects
  • Diverse and technical projects

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Diploma of Project Management graduate Michelle Stack.
Diploma of Project Management graduate Michelle Stack.



Out of all the apprentices employed by Master Builders NSW Apprenticeship Services, 5% are female. In the last year, the number of women entering the industry has doubled. 13.2% of the 367,588 employed in construction are female. Female employment in the construction industry has doubled since 2000, with the largest amount of growth in the last 5 years. (Source Master Builders Australia February 2021, ABS data).

Master Builders Australia is a valuable resource to assist women in construction. The mentoring program, Women Building Australia, promotes opportunities for women and employers. It provides the information and support that they need. For more information go to the website Women Building Australia.

Do you know a female who wants in a career in building and construction? Are you that female? Contact Master Builders Education and Skills today. Our team of training experts are here to help. Get set for building success.  

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