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The NSW Government has released a discussion paper, “Building Stronger Foundations”. This discussion paper for public consultation poses 30 questions about major reforms to the building and construction sector in NSW. 

Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation Kevin Anderson said the community and industry now has an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed reforms to deliver greater transparency, accountability and quality of work in the building and construction sector.

The NSW Government is implementing four key reforms to deliver a more robust regulatory framework for the construction of buildings, including:

  • A requirement for buildings to be designed and constructed to plans that fully comply with the Building Code of Australia
  • A requirement that all building practitioners, including building designers, architects and engineers, be registered to ensure they have the appropriate skills and insurance, and can be held accountable for their actions
  • Introduction of a new industry-wide principle of duty of care, enabling home owners to seek compensation if a building practitioner has been negligent
  • Appointment of a Building Commissioner, who will regulate all aspects of the NSW building industry, and have the power to investigate and take disciplinary action for improper conduct

The consultation period is open until 24 July 2019 which will then allow for legislation to be drafted and introduced into the NSW Parliament. The appointment of the Building Commissioner is expected to be finalised in coming weeks. 

View the full discussion paper here.