History of The Master Builders Association of NSW


This rich and fascinating history of the Master Builders Association of NSW is told against the backdrop of the history of New South Wales up to 2005. It is brought to life by the strong concentration on personalities, especially on those who led the MBA from time to time and influenced its direction and development over nearly 135 years.

The history identifies the builders of some of the well-known enduring buildings that have helped to create the social, educational and commercial environment of the cities and towns of NSW. 

It traces the MBA economic and social development through colonial times; the federation of the colonies; the stark period of the depression; two world wars; and up to the tragic years of the Vietnam war and the emergence of the social protest groups – The Student Movement, The Women’s Movement and the creation of Resident Action Groups that emerged during the period of the Green Bans.

With its attention to detail, this history is not only an interesting and insightful read, but will also make a useful research tool.