Extension of Time Claim

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If the project is delayed you need to tell those affected and you need to do that in writing. Notify the cause and period of delay. If a delay is ongoing, it is best to provide an interim notice to the parties affected followed by a later final notice. If the delay is for a known period of time, then advise what the delay is. Remember a delay can be greater than just the actual event e.g. rain for two days makes the site inaccessible for 3 days. The delay is 5 days i.e. event and consequence. Does your contract allow you to claim compensation for the delay? If yes, do not leave this claim outstanding for too long! Time bars can stop claims being approved. Advise quickly as this will reduce problems.

The Master Builders Extension of Time Claim form is the perfect companion form for notification of delays. 
This form comes in a pad of 20, unique colour duplicate copies. White copy - Contractor's Copy,   Yellow Copy - Owner/Head Contractor's copy.