NSW Fair Trading has published the “Guideline “SECRETARY’S PROCESS-  Arranging the appointment of building inspectors from Authorised professional associations (Strata inspector panel) for Strata building bond and inspections scheme”  (“The Guideline).

The Guideline requires that members of the Strata Inspection Panel:

  • must hold membership with at least one of the listed bodies in clause 44 of the Regulation,
  • must have in place a record keeping system to keep all documents about and relating to their inclusion in strata inspector panel, 
  • must have a free-to-access website that includes certain clear information about their services, and
  • must describe their strategy if their inclusion in the listed body is cancelled by the listed body, the Secretary or voluntarily surrendered for any other reason.

Members should familiarise themselves with the member’s requirements as outlined in the Guidelines.