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Code of Fair Business Practice

As a member of the Master Builders Association of New South Wales, management of this firm subscribes to the following Code of Fair Business practice, the guiding principles and objectives of which are:

  • Fair and equitable dealings with clients and other industry participants at all times;
  • Compliance, not only with the law, but with the minimum industry standards of conduct prescribed in this Code;
  • Accountability for any transgressions of this Code;
  • Promotion of an efficient, competitive and ethical building and construction industry;
  • Providing the client with the confidence that using an MBA member is a better way of building;
  • Provision of the framework to continue industry reform and in particular changing the adversarial nature of commercial dealings to that of the partnering concept of utmost good faith and fairness in such dealings We commit ourselves
  • To act at all times with honesty, integrity and responsibility and in the spirit of good faith and fair dealings;
  • To engage in no conduct which is unfair, harsh or unconscionable;
  • To engage in no practice which might tend to lower the standards applicable in the building and construction industry;
  • To observe both the spirit and the letter of the relevant laws of the Commonwealth, States and Territories in which we operate;
  • To understand the principles of fair trading legislation including but not limited to the Trade Practices Act
  • By ensuring that all key management participate in appropriate educative training and compliance programs;
  • To bring any known breach of the Code by a member to the attention of our Association without delay;
  • To seek further objectives of the Code;
  • To observe the principles of the Code Code of Ethics The management of this firm subscribes to the following Master Builders Association of New South Wales Code of Ethics under which it commits itself to:
  • Deal honestly and fairly with our clients;
  • Recognise that fair and genuine competition is a fundamental service to which our prospective clients are entitled;
  • Maintain a high standard of work and comply with the plans and specifications in the execution of all works we undertake;
  • Comply with the prevailing building and construction codes for construction and work towards their improvement in the interests of structural efficiency, safety and health;
  • Deal justly with our employees, and with those whom we contact;
  • So conduct our business that the health and safety of our employees,of those with whom we contract and their employees, and of the community, are safeguarded;
  • Avoid all contact or practice likely to discredit or do injury to the building industry or our Association;
  • Give our informed and vigorous support to all sound legislation effecting the building and construction industry;
  • Co-operate in aiding the advancement of the building construction industry;
  • Take every opportunity of rendering community service.

I have read the Code of Fair Business Practice, Code of Ethics and the Master Builders Association of NSW (MBA NSW) Constitution and rules and agree to be bound by them. By signing this application form I consent to MBA NSW making enquiries with the referees nominated and any relevant Government body to verify the information contained in this application. I understand that by listing an admin contact in section ‘B’, I authorise this person to operate the membership on my behalf. I acknowledge that I have read, understand and accept the privacy statement.