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The Transitional Housing Code in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) ends on the 13 July 2019. 

On 14 July 2017 the Housing Code commenced to introduce new simplified development standards and explanatory diagrams to assist stakeholders in understanding the complying development rules for new homes and home renovations.

When the Housing Code was introduced a two-year transitional period for the previous General Housing Code (also known as the Transitional Housing Code) was also introduced. The transitional period allowed applicants  to choose to have their project approved as complying development under either the Housing Code, the Greenfield Housing Code, the Inland Code or the Transitional Housing Code, depending on the location of the proposed development, until 13 July 2019. 

What it means
After 13 July 2019 the Transitional Housing Code will no longer apply for new homes and home renovations.

Complying development certificate applications can no longer be submitted or approved for development under the Transitional Housing Code (Part 2A of the SEPP) after the 13 July 2019. Applicants will need to use the Housing Code, the Greenfield Housing Code or the Inland Code, depending on where their proposed development is located. To find out which Code applies visit the Planning Portal

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