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If you are working or operating equipment near powerlines or electricity network equipment, your safety and the safety of others working with you is important

Before you start any work near electrical infrastructure, you need to consider:

  • What clearances need to be maintained for structures, activities or objects within electricity easements or clearance zones, and
  • Construction work near electrical infrastructure may need approval by Essential Energy before you start.

Regardless of whether local council approval is required e.g. Exempt, Complying or Development Application and any NSW State approved projects, it is essential to confirm that the proposed work does not encroach on statutory safety clearances.

Before work commences on site, you should submit a Request for Safety Advice and Essential Energy will assess your request and provide safety services where required to ensure that working near electrical equipment can be done safely. You can also use this form to rent or purchase aerial markers for powerlines.

For further information visit Construction Safety (essentialenergy.com.au)