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When you annotate something, both you and others you’re communicating with will understand it better. Annotating forces a person to focus specifically on what is most important. Annotating helps to reduce distractions and ensure that the reader has a better understanding of what is being communicated. It also saves time later. A well annotated document will be an asset to others in your team or business. They won’t need to scroll through entire lengthy pages of text to find information. When the user returns to the document to find something later, they can quickly refer to the annotations, which is faster than reading the entire text. 

Annotating styles vary from person to person, but here are the most common ways people annotate: 

  • Underline text
  • Highlight key phrases
  • Make notes on important information
  • Summarize phrases/paragraphs
  • Circle specific words 

Annotating helps build a better understanding of texts and concepts. It helps the reader process what they’re reading as they read it. Annotating makes the content more meaningful, and it helps readers remember key information.

As a subscriber to the myBIG platform, the use and functionality of the workspace will be paramount in how you use the resources available to you.

At the commencement of March, we released our Autumn update of enhancements to the platform. This update focussed on the inclusion of annotation capabilities to the subscriber’s workspace.

So, what does this mean to you as a subscriber of the platform?

By having annotations within the workspace, you can now take advantage of a variety of features to personalise any document in the library.

Simply access a document to annotate. This includes options like underlining, highlighting, freehand drawing, and more. You can also write your own notes, like how you might use a sticky note on a printed document.

By adding the annotations feature to the platform it not only allows you to make your own notes, but it also helps you and your team to collaborate more effectively. Comment and collaborate while checking compliance and/or researching for best practices. Use annotations to advise your co-workers of which best practice for a particular job is preferred.

In addition to having the ability to create your own notes on documents, you can also download and print many of the free resources that are on the platform.

We hope that by having the annotation features on the platform, it allows you and your team to work in a more collaborative way, but also reach compliance easier.

If you have any questions about the annotations, please feel free to reach out to our myBIG Customer Service Representative. Andrew can be contacted via our contact us form or phone on 02 9296 6655.