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The NSW Long Service Corporation will soon issue notifications to Building and Construction Industry employers advising the 2017-2018 Employer Return is available for completion and due by 31 July 2018.

Returns can be completed online or via a paper form. 

For employers that need assistance to complete their return (or wish to view a ‘refresher’ on the steps required to make sure their return is completed properly), material has been prepared to guide them through the process.  A page has been placed on the Corporation’s website about employer returns, employer obligations, frequently asked questions. To view all the information available to assist employers, go to the Corporation’s website.

The Corporation pursues compliance through educating and assisting employers to meet their obligations. Non-compliant employers will be identified and required to attend Corporation offices for audit.  The Corporation also intends to enforce available penalties on those who fail to comply.

If an employer is not sure if they have met their obligations, they can check their record online, or contact the Corporation’s Helpline on 13 14 41.