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We're thrilled to announce the total revamp of eContracts, your go-to digital platform for contract management, going live next week. With a complete system rebuild, we've incorporated a range of new features and improvements to make your contract creation and management experience even more efficient and user-friendly.

Here's what's new in eContracts:

  • New Design and Modern Layout: We've redesigned the platform with a modern layout that's visually pleasing and easy to navigate.
  • Better Quality PDF Export: Your exported contracts now look just like the hardcopy version, ensuring professionalism and clarity in your documents.
  • More Accurate Page Numbering: We've improved the page numbering system for more accurate referencing and easier navigation through your contracts.
  • Auto Calculations: We've introduced automatic calculations to save you time and reduce errors.
  • Digital Signing with DocuSign: You can now send contracts to clients for review and get them approved and signed digitally. This new feature not only speeds up the signing process but also allows clients to 'tick' all required checkboxes electronically.
  • Ability to Brand Contracts: To make your contracts even more professional, we've added the ability for members to insert their own company logos.
  • User 'Noticeboard': Stay up to date with new features, updated eContract content, and legislative changes that may affect your contracts and their usage.
  • Instant PDF Contract Review: With just one click, you can now see how your contract will look for the client, making it easier to review and make necessary changes.
  • Address book: Establish your business details just once, and then auto-populate in every contract thereafter.
  • Recycle Bin: We've added a recycle bin for easy management of old or unnecessary contracts, so your dashboard stays clean and organised.
  • Search and Sort: Enhance your workflow with the new search feature that allows you to easily search and sort saved contracts on your dashboard.

Apart from these new features, eContracts still offers the benefits that you've come to rely on. You'll continue to have access to a range of contracts, the ability to create, edit, and manage contracts online, and the option to send contracts to clients, subcontractors, and colleagues with a click. And of course, you'll still enjoy our cheaper pricing scheme – cheaper than buying hardcopies, with the freedom to print as many copies as you need.

So, whether you're creating new contracts or managing existing ones, the revamped eContracts platform is designed to provide a more seamless, efficient, and user-friendly experience. We're excited for you to take advantage of these new features and improvements, and we're confident that they will enhance your contract management process. Start exploring the new eContracts from next week.