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Here's a quick rundown on the latest changes to remedial building work regulations under the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 (DBP Act) and Design and Building Practitioners Regulation 2021 (DBP Legislation).

What is Remedial Building Work?

It covers repairs, maintenance, or upgrades on older buildings, as well as defect rectification on new ones.

Who's Affected?

- Class 2 buildings from 1 July 2021

- Class 3 and 9c buildings from 1 July 2024

Key Requirements

- A registered design practitioner must create a Construction Issued Regulated Design (CIRD).

- CIRDs must be submitted on the NSW Planning Portal by a building practitioner.

Emergency Work

Only considered under specific circumstances and doesn't require CIRDs to be submitted on the NSW Planning Portal.

What About Waterproofing?

It's generally not exempt unless it meets specific conditions, such as being part of a single dwelling's bathroom, kitchen, laundry, or toilet alterations.

More Info

For detailed guidelines, check out the NSW Department of Planning and Environment fact sheet and the Design Practitioner's Handbook. Full details can be found here on NSW Fair Trading’s website.

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