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As a business owner, employer or employee in the building and construction industry, your opinion, knowledge and skills are valuable to a wide range of organisations, including Government Departments and agencies. There are currently four important surveys open seeking input and insight from employers and businesses in the building and construction industry. Master Builders encourages you to have your say on the future of job requirements and qualifications for any or all of the following surveys.

Industry Insights
This survey is available from Artibus Innovation.
In recent years, Artibus Innovation have been the Skills Service Organisation (SSO) for the Building and Construction Industry. As the SSO, Artibus have been responsible for consulting with industry to develop new or updated qualifications and units of competency.
These qualifications and units form the backbone of the education criteria for recognition as a qualified person in your chosen trade or career, as well as contributing to industry licensing requirements.
The Skills Service Organisation system is changing to provide greater industry representation, with the Federal Government’s Department of Education, Skills and Employment seeking your insight into what is important to you as an employer and/or employee in the building and construction industry.
Click here to complete the 15 question survey, which closes on 31st May, 2022.

Waterproofing Design and Survey Qualification
The following information has been prepared by Artibus Innovation.
Waterproofing defects and associated water ingress and moisture are the most prevalent consequence and contributor to defects across Australia. According to the NSW Building Commissioner, “defects in basements, podiums balconies, bathrooms, on roofs and through facades involving water and moisture management failures have cost consumers millions”.
Artibus Innovation is developing training products in construction waterproofing design and survey to address a gap in skills and knowledge.
Artibus is seeking your input and feedback on the training products designed to date. Information on this project can be found here, and the current survey can be accessed here. The survey is open until 31st May, 2022.

Pre-fabricated Concrete Installation
The following information is also from Artibus Innovation.
Recent times have seen an increase in the use of precast concrete in construction, with demand globally predicted to increase at 6.5% per year, at an estimated $185.35 billion by 2023. However, this increase has been marked by a number of incidents of improper installation, such as concrete panels falling from heights in Canberra and Queensland, which in some cases has resulted in deaths. Due to its size and weight, precast concrete has particular concerns around proper technique in temporary support and lifting during installation.
A committee of subject matter experts has developed 7 draft units of competency and a draft qualification framework.
The Construction Industry Reference Committee is seeking further feedback on the packaging of this training.
You can access the details of this project here. The survey is open until 31st May, 2022 and can be accessed here.

Review of Crane Licensing
Safe Work Australia is seeking feedback on the licensing of crane operators and operations.
The following information is from Safe Work Australia:
Following the 2018 review of the model WHS laws, WHS ministers asked Safe Work Australia to review the high-risk work licensing for cranes to ensure it remains relevant to contemporary work practices and equipment.
The review will gather evidence of any problems with crane licensing and identify any areas that could be improved.
Safe Work Australia has released a discussion paper on 5 May for a six-week consultation period until Thursday 16 June.
The discussion paper welcomes comments on any perceived issues with the model WHS laws related to crane licensing that may have significant impact on workers, business, and the community. This includes issues related to:

  • crane licence classes, and
  • crane definitions

Further information on this consultation is available here, with the consultation open until 16th June, 2022.