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The CFMMEU NSW Branch has commenced distributing its ‘EBA Processing Kit’ and Bargaining Notice form relating to its proposed Collective Agreement 2019 – 2022. 

Industry has identified a number of concerns about the union’s new agreement, and these concerns are in the process of trying to be addressed. However, in the meantime, members should be aware that if they distribute the Schedule 2.1 Bargaining Notice to their employees as requested by the union, this formally signals the commencement of bargaining under the Fair Work Act (FW Act). As the current union agreement has passed its nominal expiry date (typically December 2018), the union will be able to organise your workers to commence ‘protected industrial action’ under the FW Act, once you distribute the bargaining notice to your employees.

Please be advised: you are under no legal obligation to distribute this bargaining notice to employees.

Should MBA Members have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Association’s Industrial Relations Department on 02 8586 3555.