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The ACTU is intending to hold Stop Work Rallies around Australia in support of its “Change the Rules” Campaign. 

The dates and locations for these rallies are as follows:

 Location and Date



Western Australia

Perth 18 October

Solidarity Park

11.00 am


Melbourne 23 October

Trades Hall

10.30 am

New South Wales

Sydney 23 October

Belmore Park

12.00 pm

Wollongong 23 October

Wollongong Mall

12.00 pm

Newcastle 30 October

Newcastle Town Hall

10.00 am


Gladstone 23 October

Marina Parklands Area E

12.00 pm

Cairns 23 October

Fogarty Park Sound Shell

12.30 pm

Mackay 23 October

Bluewater Quay

12.00 pm

Rockhampton 23 October

Riverside Park Auditorium

5.00 pm

Townsville 23 October

Strand Park

5.00 pm

Brisbane 20 November

Emma Miller Place

12.30 pm


Launceston 24 October

Ockerby Gardens

3.00 pm

Burnie 24 October

North West Regional Hospital

3.00 pm

South Australia

Adelaide 25 October

Parliament House

12.00 pm

Australian Capital Territory

Canberra 20 November

Fair Work Commission

12.30 pm.

The ABCC has issued a public warning that construction workers face a maximum penalty of $42,000 for taking unprotected industrial action if they attend the rallies during work time. In order to avoid the penalty, construction workers must be provided with written authority in advance by their employer to attend the rallies during work time. In addition, construction workers who attend the rally without written permission in advance must have their pay docked a minimum of 4 hours.


Employers also have an obligation to advise the ABCC if an employee engages in unprotected industrial action.

Further information
Should members have any questions regarding the Rallies please contact the Association’s Industrial Relations Department Sydney Office – 02 8586 3555 or Newcastle Office – 02 4953 9400. Alternatively Members can contact the ABCC hotline on 1800 003 338.