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The first results of the 2021 Census have been released. 

You might recall that it took place during August 2021 - an unusual time when many parts of the country were in lockdown.

Since the 2016 Census, Australia’s population has increased by over 2 million to reach 25.42 million in August 2021. One of the big headlines circulating is that the Census results mean that Australia’s population has doubled since 1971. Within a very small margin, numbers of Millennials (25-39 years old) have caught up to Baby Boomers (55-74 years old) as the largest generational group in Australia. In the 1966 Census, nearly two in every five people (38.5 per cent) were Baby Boomers.

Two thirds of Australian households own their own home, either outright or with a mortgage. Just under one third (30.6 per cent) of households rent their home. Over time, home ownership rates have been falling consistently. Interestingly, there are about as many renters as there are households who own their home outright without a mortgage.

Detached houses still account for the lion’s share of Australian homes (72 per cent). The remainder is accounted for by townhouses (13 per cent) and apartments (14 per cent).

The table and charts below offer state and territory comparisons.

Census 1

Census 2

Census 4

Census 5