About the division

Our Divisional Information Nights bring together industry experts to keep you up to date with local industry issues and legislation. These nights provide an opportunity to have a strong voice in local issues and influence industry and government decisions.

They can also help you stay compliant with licensing requirements by earning you 2 CPD points per meeting, plus an additional 2 points for bringing along a partner or associate.

Regular members find our Information Nights enjoyable, particularly in terms of camaraderie, information gathering and opportunity to network with like-minded people. Members exchange building stories which provide awareness of pitfalls or successful strategies, which can be very useful in assisting members run their businesses.

The Divisional structure is very informal, providing a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere.

We welcome any tips and suggestions regarding potential guest speakers.


When & Where

Inner West Information Nights are held bi-monthly on the third Wednesday of the month, beginning in March of every year. These nights are held at Concord Golf Club from 6:30pm.


Division Night - Weds, 20th Mar 2024

Division Night - Weds, 15th May 2024

Division Night - Weds, 24th Jul 2024

Annual General Meeting - Weds, 18th Sept 2024

Division Night - Weds, 16th Oct 2024

Division Night - Weds, 20th Nov 2024

Committee members

Jack Stewart
Richard Tabone
Vice President
Ray Favetti
Don Tummillo
John Biazzo
Romolo Adorna
Louie Balestriere
Reuben Lagos
Cody Beynon
Anthony Caroisi