MBA Lawyers offer advice to member builders, contractors and consultants on a range of issues, both over the telephone and in conference by appointment.

Prevention is better than cure. If you have questions, the sooner you ask them the more likely it is that you will be better off. Most issues can be resolved over the phone but queries quite often relate to documentation which needs to be viewed by our consultant lawyers in order for them to properly consider your issue or position.

Depending on what is required and/or if you request a conference in person, a meeting may be arranged with one or more of the solicitors. The usual types of matters advised upon are contract selection, contract disputes and interpretation and Court or Tribunal matters, as well as dealings with NSW Fair Trading. General assistance with contract administration may also be available.

Forward your particulars and a brief summary of your query by email. Please ensure your contact details and any time issues such as Court deadlines are clearly identified.

Please contact the Legal department if you require further information or if you would like to discuss a query with one of the solicitors.