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The flood crisis gripping much of NSW is another impediment that will test our entire community. This comes at a time when many felt the worst of the COVID pandemic had passed.

The first priority is of course your safety and that of your employees. Please follow the advice of the emergency services and look out for each other. Our team is readily available to assist your business if you are being impacted by the heavy rain.

Master Builders NSW can assist you in the following areas:

Legal Team

  • Extension of time clauses in contracts - all MBA NSW contracts allow for extension of time due to adverse weather. Check your contract clauses for delays and extension of time responsibilities. If needed, feel free to contact the legal team. 
  • We are here to provide advice on flood or rain damage liability for current or completed sites.

Insurance Team (MBIB)

  • Ready to assist with any claim queries, risk management requirements, and the lodgement of claims. 
  • Claims can be notified directly by using this link: https://www.mbib.com.au/make-a-claim/

Industrial Relations Team

  • Payments to employees that are unable to perform work duties due to inclement weather.

Work Health and Safety Team

  • Site shutdown due to inclement weather. As an interim measure members should follow the “Holiday shutdown period – Mitigation Checklist”. A site shutdown mitigation checklist due to inclement weather will be available within the next 24 hours.

Outside of this, the Australian Government is providing the Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP). It provides a one-off payment for financial assistance to eligible Australians adversely affected by the storms and floods. For members affected, follow this link.

If you need help in any of the above areas, call Master Builder NSW on 02 8586 3555.