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Building Diagnosis Centre Pty Ltd
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  • Dip.Build & Const (TAFE /MBA).
  • M.Design (UTS).
  • GradDip.Design (UTS).
  • GradCert.Design (UTS).
  • Heritage Arch. Cert (ITS).
  • MBA Seminars & Consultants’ Workshops.
  • Licensed Builder N0 38673-1976/1987 current.
  • Lic’d Asbestos Cert 206476AS2  (Work Cover).
Summary of relevant project experience


  • 1976 - Master Builders Association of NSW N0-39720 
  • 1997 - Building Designers Association Australia N0-0462-97
  • 1997 - Australian Institute of Building N0-5921
  • 1997 - National Building Professional Register L2 N0-5921
  • 2010 - Institution of Engineers Australia N0-5253904 (Affill)
  • 2016 - 2020 Building Code Committee Member: Australian Building Code Board.


  1. 46 years building and construction experience as a licensed master builder (since 1976), ongoing education as a building designer (since 1997) and as a professional chartered and accredited building consultant (since 1987). 
  2. Have inspected and prepared general and expert reports for deteriorating and premature damage in buildings and construction throughout my career. 
  3. Involve as an expert in building disputes and litigation (CTTT, NCAT, local, district and supreme courts). 
  4. Provided approximately 4,000 building inspection reports for all Class buildings and structures.
  5. Expertise in Class 2 residential strata unit buildings, regarding defective waterproofing, water ingress  and spalling concrete issues. Some examples are:
  • Reinforcement steel without proper concrete protection to cantilever balconies drip-groove in the soffit; 
  • Waterproof balconies and flashings at balcony doorways, and roof slab waterproofing;
  • Water ingress causing corrosion of internal surfaces and late-life extensive spalling concrete;
  • Improper attempts to rectify the ingress of corrosive salts in concrete, allowing spalling concrete to return include outbreaks occurring elsewhere;
  • Facade painting that does not have proper prepared concrete surfaces prior to undercoating and apply waterproof protection coats, allow water ingress;
  • Protective coating thickness during the application not tested by supervisors;
  • Premature failure of waterproofing membrane (both liquid and sheet applied) caused by lack of supervision during the process of the work.

A detailed CV can be provided on request - www.buildingdiagnosis.com.au


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