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Inspecta Holmes
2 Phillips Crescent
Mangerton NSW 2500

  • Department of Fair Trading Lic No: 327953C-Q.
  • MBA Building Consultant No: 3 02 75 21.
  • SBBIS Registered Inspector.
  • Certificate III in Carpentry Certificate No: 100830.
  • Certificate IV in Building & Construction Certificate No: 110665-BUILD.
  • Pre-Purchase Property Consultant & Report Writing Certificate No: HS/748.
  • Swimming Pool & Pool Safety Certificate No: HS/767.
  • Mould & Asbestos ID Certificate No: HS/788.
  • New Construction Residential Slab, Frame, Defect & Warranty Certificate No: HS/1079.
Summary of relevant project experience

Since launching Inspecta Holmes in 2015 I have been engaged by clients to inspect unit developments ranging from single apartments to the top floor penthouse suites and developments ranging from single storey villa units, townhouses and class 2 buildings comprising 24 to over 40 storey. Checking for all types of faults ranging from paint blemishes, drummy tiles,  cracks, defects, waterproofing or checking compliance with the various building codes.

Link for more information https://www.inspectaholmes.com.au.

Inspecta Holmes also works with a team of professional consultants for example Structural/Hydraulic Engineers, Fire Consultants to also assist us during the process. 

Do you inspect buildings over 25 metres in height?