The Division Information Night brings industry experts to the region and allows members to stay up to date with local industry issues and legislation. It enables members to have a strong voice on local issues and provides an avenue to influence industry and government decisions.


Technical flooring advice for builders

Phil Buckley, General Manager 
Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) and Inspector 
Mint Floors and Shutters


  • Site subfloor conditions - how should I acclimatise my flooring?
  • How to achieve flush transitions - from doorways to carpet, tiles and door tracks 
  • Managing floor expansion - how much to allow for with La Nina vs El Nino
  • Trends in flooring and a comparison of variations


Sustainable timber production in NSW

Paul Rowbotham, Regional Manager Northern 
Pentarch Forestry 


  • History and insite into Pentarch Forestry
  • Importance of sustainable management of forestry & timber supply
  • Importance of hardwood timber products in construction
  • The future of forestry and timber supply
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