2020 MBA Diary (CASE BOUND)


Top Quality Case Bound Master Builder Diaries discounted for MBA members. 

*Please note: stock of 2020 diaries is due early November. Your order will be automatically dispatched at this time. 

The Case Bound Diary is Section Sewn in a hard leatherette cover like a Library Book. Each section is stitched and drawn together with a reinforced calico spine and is resilient to wear and tear and rough usage. Black cover and metal corners on the front cover and heat sealed marker ribbon inside.

> Waterproofing details 
> Common Construction Methods
> CPD diary
> Description and list of MBA legal contracts 
> BAS & superannuation due dates 
> Full year summary calendar on each page 
> Weather, wind, rain and temperature 
> 2020 Public Holidays and School Terms  
> 3-year reference calendar 
> 2020 Year Planner 
> Conversion Guide 
> Staff Leave Records 
> Telephone Directory 
> 2020 Financial Summary 
> 2021 Advance Year Planner 
> Full page for Sat & Sun 
> Appointment times 7am – 9pm

View Wiro bound version of diary instead.