All members of the Master Builders Association are bound by the Association’s Code of Ethics and Fair Business Practice.

If you have a complaint against a financial member then the MBA NSW complaints procedure may assist you.

First, check that your builder is a member of the Master Builders Association. We can only receive complaints for financial members of the Association. You can confirm if a builder or contractor is a current member by phoning the Association on the contact details listed below.  

The MBA complaints process cannot be initiated until you submit a fully completed signed complaint form via post. Once the complaint is received, a copy is forwarded to the member in question with a request for a response.

The role of the Complaints Committee is not to determine contractual disputes and technical issues and it does not act as a mediator in disputes between members and their clients. If the committee finds that a member has failed to adequately abide by the Associations Code of Ethics and Fair Business Practice, the matter may be referred to the Disciplinary Committee of the Association.

Please email the Legal Assistant if you require further information or if you would like to arrange for a complaint form to be posted out to you.