Pre-Purchase Inspection Report Writing course provides the complex report writing skills and knowledge necessary in producing:

  • Pre Purchase Inspection Reports
  • Inspection of buildings Part 1
  • Residential Building Reports
  • 2 days of attendance
  • 8:30am arrival for 9:00am start
  • Until 4:00pm each day


$759.00 Members $987.00 Non Members


MBA Norwest Education Centre
5 Burbank Place
Norwest NSW 2153


CPD Points



Classroom Seminar


2 days
8:30am arrival for 9:00am start. Until 4:00pm each day.


Those wishing to enrol into this course must have a minimum two years experience as a licenced Builder or Tradesperson, with a current working knowledge of the National Construction Code (NCC), including the Building Code of Australia (BCA).


We have developed a Student Safety Plan to provide and maintain a safe environment for our students. All students who attend our Master Builders centres must adhere to the following regulations as a condition of entry: 

  • Entry is not permitted if students are feeling un-well and experiencing any flu-like symptoms. Please refer to the COVID-19 Test and Isolate National Protocols.
  • Students must check in and out of Master Builders centres using the QR code for the Services NSW App.
  • Students must sign an attendance sheet when they attend class. 
  • Students are required to wear facemasks while in classrooms and general office areas.
  • During practical training, students must wear a face mask at all times. Other PPE may be required depending on the task being undertaken.
  • Sanitiser is supplied for students and trainers to sanitise their hands before they enter and leave the classroom and practical workstations. 
  • Regular hand washing and good hygiene practices are encouraged. 
  • Students are limited to one student per desk while in the classroom. 
  • During practical training, if work cannot be done individually due to safety issues, group work must be limited to a maximum of three students per group and only for the duration of the activity that cannot be done individually.  Groups must adhere to all the PPE requirements indicated for practical training and must maintain 1.5m social distancing with other groups. 
  • Students should avoid sharing tools and equipment, and are encouraged to bring their own where possible.