Please complete this application by providing your details, giving us some information on your experience in the building and construction industry and answering some technical questions about the building and construction of low to medium rise structures.

We would like to ensure that your experience and knowledge meets the entry requirements of our course. By using this application process, we aim to ensure that we can provide the best training outcomes for you to apply industry best practice building and project management to your future projects.

Please provide your contact details so that we can provide feedback on your application and potential enrolment into this course.
Residential Address:
Which of the following best describes your citizenship/residence status?
Visa Status
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The following questions relate to your experience working in the building and construction industry.
Years of waterproofing-related experience
How many years of  waterproofing-related experience do you have?
Your Qualifications
Do you already hold qualifications? If so, what level?
Contractor Licence
Do you hold a current Contractor Licence issued by NSW Fair Trading?
Employment Status
Employment Status
Please provide the names and phone numbers of two Referees who can verify your waterproofing experience. Referees must be a qualified/licenced tradesperson in waterproofing and have worked with you for 12 months or more.

If your current employer has suggested that you apply for this training, please ensure that you identify this person as Referee #1.