Master Builders Apprenticeship Service noticed that a lot of our apprenticeship applicants were over 21 years of age, and when we looked deeper, we found that the building and construction industry had an appetite for mature age apprentices but the cost of employing an adult apprenticeship is often seen as prohibitive.

A four year apprenticeship, on apprentice wages, is often difficult for an adult to commit to when they have financial commitments, sometimes a family to support.

We thought we should change this situation

Master Builders Apprenticeship and Training Services worked together to develop a unique program for people over the age of 21 years to start and apprenticeship to become a trade qualified carpenter as part of an accelerated program. 

This unique and innovative program contains the 3 steps:

Step 1 - Commencement Training (2 week Training Course) 
Step 2 – Apprentice Training (Phase 1) - 12 month minimum 
Step 3 – Apprentice Training (Phase 2) - 12 month minimum

The Commencement Training is compulsory for a new entrant to the program to establish some basic skills and get your 'apprenticeship ready'

Phase 1 is the start of your apprenticeship, which begins when we place you with a Master Builders Training Employer.

You will attend Master Builders Training Services for 12 days training per phase, and complete assessment tasks and preparation material through online delivery.
Once you have met all of the units of competency with Master Builders Training, and your Training Employer agrees that you are suitable qualified and experienced, you can complete your apprenticeship contract under Competency Based Completion.

Our ideal candidate for this program is someone with building or construction experience, however a strong passion and willingness to work hard to achieve their goal of a carpentry trade qualification is essential.

We run these courses a couple of times a year and strictly on a demand basis, so register your interest below so we can call you for our next course

Next course date: 14th October - 25th October 2019 FULLY BOOKED

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