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    It's the biggest problem in the building industry today!

    In a national building industry survey, waterproofing topped the list of the ‘10 most common defects’ in every state and territory.

    The issue of waterproofing failures and defects caused by water penetration has plagued the building industry for many years, resulting in huge rectification and re-work costs. Not only are unsuspecting clients finding themselves with frustrating waterproofing problems, many builders are ending up with massive holes in their profit margins and irreversible damage to their reputation.

    In 2003 Master Builders NSW were instrumental in setting up a ‘Waterproofing Technical Committee’ which resulted in the publication of two highly successful Waterproofing Guides now used throughout the building industry and by TAFE NSW.

    Today, the same two books have been updated to reflect with residential waterproofing changes, with the emphasis on better products, better technology and better procedures. The series has now been expanded with two more books which are Guide to planter Box Waterproofing (Book 3) and Guide to Flashings & Damp-Proof Courses (Book 4).

    The new books are designed to be a reference tool and training aid and to help establish high quality building practices in the area of waterproofing, these guides provide information and advice rather than compliance with minimum standards, and were born out of industry experience after scrutinising numerous failures of waterproofing systems over the last decade.

    The board members of the Waterproofing Council Technical Committee consisting of waterproofing contractors, tiling consultants, structural engineers, manufacturers, building consultants, remedial builders and new construction builders have created a sophisticated and efficient way of practices and processes to meet  consumers confidence and needs.



    BOOK 1 - Guide to Internal Wet Area Waterproofing

    This guide will provide you an introduction to apply waterproofing products to domestic internal wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries, powder rooms and other areas where free water may cause undue damage to the structure and unhealthy conditions.

    Book 1 has been updated to include stepdown details, efflorescence control, niches, new products, further details and an updated waterproofing checklist for contractors and builders to minimise the ‘hassle factor’ for internal wet area.

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    Guide to External Waterproofing – Balcony & Decks (Book 2)

    The second in the series of MBA waterproofing guides, Book 2 concentrates on balcony deck waterproofing. It provides a safeguard to occupants from illness or injury and protect the building from damage caused by surface water; external moisture, control of efflorescence, mobility impaired access details, door step- down details, tiled face edge, updated cavity flashing details, buildup of internal moisture and how to protect other property from redirected surface water. This book provides a better external waterproofing systems; falls in substrates; classifications of exposed terrain categories and further more. Detailed colour drawings and a new external waterproof checklist which is in line with the NCC/BCA compliance and Standards Australia.

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    Guide to Planter Box Waterproofing (Book 3)

    Architecturally, planter boxes can visually beatify a building, but can create major headaches for the structure long term. The Book 3 provides the guide to protect the structure and amenity of the building from water ingress. The aim is to allow designers to include for every planter box the following:
    • Concrete
    • Concrete / concrete block
    • Face brick or rendered with internal membrane system
    • Face brick or rendered without internal membrane system incorporating drop in tubs
    • Relocatable planter box
    • Timber-framed
    The guide contains easy to follow compatibility charts, excellent quality detailed diagrams and explanatory notes written by current industry professionals.   

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    Guide to Flashings & Damp-Proof Courses (Book 4)

    For new and existing builders, tradesmen and those in training this book provides a valuable reference tool on the correct method of installing flashings to control the movement of water with the building structure. This handbook presents section details illustrating flashing details for single masonry cavity, 230mm masonry walls, brick veneer, timber framed, precast, parapet walls, windows and doors, chimneys, vents, roof flashings, skylights, stepped flashings and boxed gutters. This book of the series includes clear drawing details of correct and incorrect construction methods and a checklist that sets out the minimum guidelines for pre, during and post construction.

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