• Green Living for Consumers

    Why choose a Master Builders Green Living builder?

    Master Builders Green Living Builders complete a training course to improve their ability to build more sustainable homes for their clients.

    Topics covered:

    • Project planning
    • Passive solar efficient design considerations
    • On site management – waste management, erosion and sediment control
    • Framing and structure – materials selection
    • Building envelope – insulation, glazing, materials selection, embodied energy
    • Water conservation
    • Energy conservation
    • Interior fit out – materials selection, embodied energy, indoor air quality
    • Business strategy

     Benefits for Clients

    • Clients will have access to builders who are recognised for their leadership in the delivery of high quality sustainable solutions.
    • Clients will reap the personal and financial rewards of pursuing sustainable options that will make their home more comfortable and efficient.

    Clients will have information available to them through the project and supporting initiatives like “Your Home” information so they can make an informed decision on the selection of design and construction features of their home as well as material selection, installation and maintenance options.

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