• Green Living for Builders

    What is Master Builders Green Living?

    Builders who complete the program and adopt sustainable innovations in their operations will be able to identify themselves as Master Builders Green Living builders. The brand will enable builders to market their business services so that they are skilled in the design, construction and maintenance of high quality structures that adopt industry best practice for sustainability in the built environment.

    The program will provide competencies in designing, building, installing and maintaining environmental innovations and will be linked to branding the service provided by accredited builders under the banner of Master Builders Green Living.

    The aim of the program is to provide builders with: 

    • the necessary skills to understand the scope and application of the energy provisions in the BCA and broad sustainability innovations (5 Star); 
    • the skills and ongoing support to enable builders to comply with these provisions; 
    • improved management and business skills to enable builders to pursue energy innovations;
    • the necessary tools and information to design and construct energy efficient structures that not only meet minimum standards but set a new benchmark in the housing sector for energy innovation. 
    • the ability to improve their customer service and business by providing informative advice to clients about sustainable solutions in the design and construction of their dwelling.

    The program goes beyond the mandatory provisions required through the BCA or state/territory or local government regulation. The training is aimed and structured to be delivered to businesses in the building and construction industry involved in the residential sector of the markets covering single lot residences, medium sized residential developments, apartments and units. 

    For further details please contact Jade Lane on (02) 8586 3576 or training@mbansw.asn.au

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