Get carried away about a new apprentice!

  • Master Builders employs apprentices and places them with building and construction employers for training in a range of different trades and fields of expertise. 
    A training employer can select one of our candidates or present their own to be inducted into the Master Builders Apprenticeship service 

    Master Builders Apprenticeship Service want to reward you for taking on an apprentice!
    The rules…

     - Take on a Master Builders Apprentice
     - Keep them for 4 weeks
     - Get a $150 Red Balloon Voucher as your reward

    It’s so simple!

    We have apprentices all over Sydney and surrounds that will meet your needs!

    Call us on 02 8586 3533 or enquire here:
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    Offer ends 28 February 2017

02 8586 3555

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