Getting the right mix of skills and experience into your business and helping people grow is a challenge and an opportunity. 

    The 70:20:10 model suggests that roughly 70 per cent of learning happens on the job, 20 per cent from relationships with others, and 10 per cent through structured training.  Although this varies from person to person, it shows us that people need a mix of learning experiences to develop, and that informal learning like on the job training is of great benefit. This is especially true in building and construction.

    So what are some of the things you can do to boost learning in your business?

    • Encourage people to invest in their own learning and make them accountable. Ask them to write down their goals say every six months, and to reflect on what they’ve achieved. 
    • Give them the support they need to reach their goals, whether it’s providing added flexibility to their role, or contributing towards the cost of a training course. 
    • Enable people to get a range of experiences, for example, by shadowing a more experienced employee, or stepping into someone’s regular job while they’re on leave.
    • Create a safe, supportive environment to learn. Give people the opportunity to build networks at work, to mentor and to be mentored.  
    • Foster good relationships. Try to eliminate politics and rivalry, and provide space to learn and succeed as individuals and as a business.

    Continuous investment in people, the most important asset in your business, can help to drive productivity and boost morale no matter if you have one employee or one hundred employees. Because as the saying goes, from little things – big things grow!

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