Category: Housing
    Price: Open Price Category
    Year: 2017
    Prize: Winner
    Company: Balanced Earth Building
    Design: Possum Creek Hemp Residence

    Judge's Comments:

    Possum Creek Hemp Residence realised the dream of the clients to have a truly symbiotic relationship with the environment. With this at the core of the project they focused primarily on two things - the way in which the structure sits in the landscape, and the environmental impact of both the building and living in it. They paid particular attention to the use of non-toxic materials, and materials that have less impact in both production and ongoing emissions. Another vital aspect of the project was its utilisation of thermal mass and sufficient insulation for maximum energy efficiency. This design and construction has resulted in a home with comfortable living, a healthy indoor environment, reduced operating costs and an investment in lasting architecture. It is a worthy winner of the Excellence in Energy Efficiency Awards for 2017.

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