Category: Housing
    Price: Open price category
    Year: 2013
    Prize: Winner
    Company: Scott James Builder
    Suburb: Bethanga

    Judge's Comments:

    A very different yet very livable home on the NSW / Victorian border, where a determined effort has been made to strive towards world’s best standards of passive living. With intelligent use of space, this compact 3 bedroom building will accommodate a family comfortably, but requires less resources to construct and operate.

    The home is a fully ground-connected concrete structural tub, highly insulated floor walls and ceilings, extensively sealed against air leakage, high performance double glazing in blackbutt timber window and door frames (to satisfy fire requirements), natural surface finishes with no plasterboard or paint used in the home.

    Domestic hot water and hydronic heating system is from the Solar Kombi system with evacuated tubes, and no mechanical cooling other than cross ventilation.

    All roof water is harvested on site into a 105,000 litre rain tank, with waste water being treated with an Innoflow passive waste water treatment system which in-turn is used for irrigation of the orchard.

    An onsite grid interactive photovoltaic system provides electricity to the home and to the grid.

    The home has been built to the existing contours, no tree removal, no pollution of waterways or other damage.

    This design has resulted in a home with comfortable living, reduced operating costs and an investment in lasting architecture. It is a worthy Winner of the Excellence in Energy Efficiency Awards for 2013. 

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