Category: Housing
    Price: Open price category
    Year: 2009
    Prize: Joint Winner
    Company: Scott Hawkins Homes
    Suburb: Cudgegong

    Judge's Comments:

    Scott Hawkins Homes has designed and built this home, using passive solar design principles and a combination of environmentally friendly energy and water technologies. The home achieved a BASIX rating of 77 for water efficiency, and 79 for energy efficiency. The home faces north to achieve maximum benefit from the sun’s warming ability during winter, and appropriate shading to reduce thermal exposure during summer.  High levels of insulation were used in the walls, ceilings and roof to control heat flow throughout the year.

    Sustainably managed hardwood flooring and wool carpets have been used because of their high environmentally friendly qualities.

    Electricity is supplied to the home from a 3 kW tracking Solar Stand Alone Power System and a generator for backup. Fluorescent down lights have been fitted throughout the home, and light / motion sensors have been fitted in high traffic areas to minimize power consumption. The stove and oven is all gas. Hot water is from a gas boosted 40 tube Solar Water Heater. Ceiling fans and cross ventilation provide for summer comfort and two slow combustion wood fires add comfort for winter.

    84,000 litres of rainwater is collected and stored, using a Solar Powered Pump to supply water to taps, toilets, showers, dishwasher and clothes washing machine, all of which were chosen for their low water usage. A Biolytix Waste water treatment system accepts all the household waste water for treatment using a complex organism based ecosystem, the outflow being used for sub-surface irrigation of gardens and lawn.

    The household has become completely self sufficient for power and water, while ongoing costs are kept to a minimum for infrequently replacing LPG cylinders, and some diesel fuel for the backup generator during prolonged overcast weather.

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