Category: Construction
    Price: $50,000,001 & Over
    Year: 2016
    Prize: Winner
    Company: Lipman Pty Ltd
    Project: Veolia Woodlawn MBT
    Suburb: Tarago

    Judge's Comments:

    This project was on a grand scale - 90,000m2 of site area - to use the Woodlawn Mine Site as a waste disposal facility. This required the property to be rehabilitated for agricultural use – no mean feat. The precision and orchestrated coordination of day-to-day operations judged was second to none, with the inclusion of elements such as 24m lengths of pipe installed within a 2mm tolerance, structural beams installed at 25m above ground level within 2mm +- tolerance, each welded joint x-rayed and certified. Integral to the cohesive manner in which the trades undertook their high-risk activities was the ability, where possible, to have trades working on their own designated multi work zones, mitigating the hazard of overlapping high-risk work activities when moving or installing infrastructure elements of a grand scale. A project where precision and wisely calculated decisions by the site team made quality the natural catalyst for excellent safety procedures on site to follow.

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