Category: Construction
    Year: 2015
    Prize: Winner
    Company: Daniel Aguera from Quasar Group

    Judge's Comments:

    Through constant persistence of undertaking daily site walks prior to identify daily hazard and risk, Daniel collates information observed that may harm workers. He then prioritises formulating a daily pre-start agenda addressing how to raise awareness in reducing them. Delivering the agenda to all and sundry Daniel obtains relevant and vital feedback from technicians, supervisors, labourers and plant operators, as they are the subject matter experts, covering cross consultation. Mindful of compliance with standards and specifications is done on a daily basis enabling Daniel to identify other hazards or risks to workers, allowing safety improvements to be made, that might otherwise not be addressed. Weekly supervisors meetings are conducted covering change on the site highlighting high risk activity that is upcoming, further emphasising focus on cross consultation. This results in supervisors running tool box talks with their teams, advising workers of the changes in the working conditions. Positive safety culture on site is established and built on team engagement, continuous improvement, feedback and information flow to the workforce increasing safety awareness of HRCW at every opportunity possible.

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