Category: Construction
    Price: $50,000,001 & Over
    Year: 2015
    Prize: Merit
    Company: Hutchinson Builders
    Project: Bondi Pacific

    Judge's Comments:

    Some grass roots thinking made this a project worthy of merit. Pre-starts disseminated with workers’ family photos bordering the actual document, a constant reminder of how dangerous our work is and the importance of returning to home safely. The most recognised safely working member on site was rewarded each month with an iPad. Secure access meant all site inductees carried a security pass when passing through security turnstyles, a simple yet effective monitor strategically installed overhead to constantly show positive safety images above and capture workers’ attention prior to entering the site. A comprehensive safety induction DVD was shown to every worker on site during the induction process to reinforce the value of safety on this particular site.

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    S3 - MERIT

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