Category: Construction
    Price: Open Price Category
    Year: 2015
    Prize: Winner
    Company: Novati Constructions Pty Ltd
    Project: SHORE School Northbridge Redevelopment Stages 2 & 3

    Judge's Comments:

    The intended purpose of the project was to design and construct a tennis/soccer pavilion; tennis courts; prep storage room; landscaping; spectator areas; water storage tank and water harvesting strategy including all associated amenities, services and provisions; perimeter fencing and ancillary works at the school’s playing fields in Northbridge. The development will allow the school’s students and external end users to undertake their sporting activities in functional, high-quality facilities that will provide the appropriate amenity. In addition, the water-harvesting strategy is to allow the playing fields to be water efficient from an irrigation perspective and to be seen as contributing positively to the environment. A water-harvesting subsoil drainage collection system was installed into the main oval and all of the soccer fields. The harvested water, along with surface drainage from the higher tennis courts, is drained into a water treatment system prior to being sent to a 3.3 megalitre storage tank located under courts 7 and 8. This water is then used for irrigation of the main oval and soccer fields, and for toilet flushing in the amenity buildings. Roof water from the main grandstand and soccer pavilion is also harvested and used for irrigation as required. Excess water that can’t be stored in the main tank is discharged via a detention tank into the local creek and drains. The water harvesting allows for the grass to be kept in good condition for sporting activities, especially in low rainfall times, while also ensuring good drainage of the grounds when wet. This provides good playing conditions in almost all weather conditions. The project is a very good example of how water can be used and also harvested in an efficient manner, reducing running costs and environmental costs for this precious resource. It is a worthy winner of the Excellence in Construction - Resource Efficiency Award for 2015.

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