Category: Construction
    Price: $50,000,001 & over
    Year: 2012
    Prize: Winner
    Company: Buildcorp Contracting NSW
    Project: Sydney Adventist Hospital
    Suburb: Wahroonga

    Judge's Comments:

    Late last year, Buildcorp was awarded the contract to undertake a 25,000 square metre expansion of the ‘Sanitairum Hosptial, originally constructed in 1903. ’This expansion includes:

    • Additions and alterations to existing buildings and other refurbishments providing for an additional 12 operating theatres and 180 new inpatient beds;
    • A new entry and arrivals building;
    • A purpose built Integrated Cancer Centre which will allow ease of access through one central point for cancer patients;
    • A multi-deck car park with redesigned road access from Fox Valley Road and other car parking spaces providing approximately 2000 onsite car parking spaces (an increase of 700 spaces).
    During the construction works, the project team are undertaking the works in and around a 'live' operating hospital facility. Like many other construction sites, the project involves extensive excavation works. Unlike many other sites the services that are located in the ground on this project (including oxygen, water, gas, telecommunications and electricity) provide a ‘life-line’ to the operation of the hospital, where any damage to these services could have highly detrimental effects. Buildcorp has engaged a dedicated locating service to identify ALL services on and under the site, where each and every service is plotted in CAD using GPS locating equipment. This locating service has then been intimately linked with an 'Excavation Permit' system to monitor and control excavation activities on the site. The project team has also engaged in and developed extensive traffic management plans and controls to manage the ever-changing aspects of the construction works, including the hospital related traffic and emergency vehicles access. Systems have also been developed to minimise any risks associated with dust, noise and vibration for workers and the operation of the hospital. The judges felt that the project team had ‘stepped up’ to the plate in developing and then integrating these systems that would benefit both the hospital staff, patients, the general public and the construction workers on the site.

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