• The Master Builders and Exchange Golf Club

    Looking for an excuse to enjoy a day off with your industry professionals?

    The Master Builders & Exchange Golf Club NSW (MB&E) has plenty of days throughout 2017 for you to do this. Set out below are the regular golf days on top quality courses in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

    Wednesday 17th May 2017
    Stonecutters Ridge
    Monday 19th June 2017
    The Lakes
    Thursday 13th July 2017
    Ryde Parramatta
    Thursday 17th August 2017
    Bonny Doon
    Wednesday 6th September 2017
    St Michaels
    Thursday 12th October
    The Coast (nine and dine)
    October 15th to 19th 2017
    National Tournament Hobart Tasmania 
    Thursday 9th November 2017
    Terrey Hills
    Tuesday 5th December 2017
    Tuesday 7th February 2018 NSW
    Early March 2018 Annual match Verse Newcastle TBA 
    Monday 16th April 2018    Pymble 

    The MB&E was formed by the Master Builders Association in 1932. The social golf club was developed for those affiliated with the building industry and/or those identified as offering supply or service to the industry. It came to be named the Master Builders and Exchange Golf Club, with the "Exchange" consisting of those members who were involved with products and services associated with the building industry.

    The regular golf days on top quality courses in the Sydney Metropolitan area allow those industry members to network and take the day to have a hit and enjoy good company of those like minded industry associates. It is run by a Committee of Master Builders and their Associates and some of the Committee Members have been associated with the golf club for over 20 years. 

    At any organized golf day, the MB&E Golf Club has around 60 to 80 members, guests and sponsors attend its games. We welcome those interested in golf and involved in the building industry who wish to join us for a day on the golf course, lunch and post day refreshments.  

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    For further information please visit the official Exchange Golf Club website or phone contact:    
    Reynold Sciuriaga
       0412 265 938
    Graeme Degnan    02 9584 0277   
        0412 039 966   

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